Leading Manufacturer of organizing products

U.S. Acrylic is the leading manufacturer of the finest organizing products for over 35 years. Our products are designed to help keep your home beautiful and organized. We have conducted research and testing to bring you the best products to match your lifestyle. Our products are often imitated but are unmatched in quality. This is why the products you buy from us will keep you stylishly organized for years to come.

Why Choose U.S. Acrylic Products?
  • Tested and made to last over time
  • Superior quality and durability in material
  • Effortless to clean
  • Matches any décor
  • Multiple uses for each product

Learn more about each of our categories below. You can now neatly organize and beautifully display all your treasures with U.S. Acrylic organizers. This sturdy and easy to clean material is the best quality you can find. Acrylic is an excellent material for everyday life and can also be a great safety replacement for glass. The versatility in our product line allows for creative solutions with endless possibilities to neatly live life.

Jewelry & Cosmetic Organizers

An incredible selection of jewelry organizers and makeup organizers with different sizes, displays, drawers, and even movable parts to truly customize to your liking. Great for lipstick, brushes, nail polish, and more. The clear design offers great ways to keep all the little things organized and easy to find – no more struggling for your favorite eye shadow color and blush to get ready in the morning! A huge time saver, our acrylic collection is an excellent alternative that matches into your décor. The acrylic is of unmatched quality and is super durable. We offer jewelry organizers, makeup organizers, apothecary jars, and boxes. Combine the different sets to organize all your jewelry – a foldable earring holder with our accessory holder for your brushes and removable drawers and trays for all of your baubles. Enjoy the freedom of being more organized with just a small step to start. Makeup organizers are essential to getting a great start to your day or for freshening up for a night on the town. Soon you’ll have acrylic in every room of your home after you discover the benefits of having such an adaptable organization tool


Become a master entertainer with our easy to clean and highly functional serveware for your next get together. The kitchen is the heart of the home. We have clear appetizer and serving trays, bowls, beverage dispensers, and so much more. We have a multitude of sizes to get your home looking like it is right out of a magazine. Or get a set as a great housewarming gift for friends and family.

Highest quality material in the following categories
  • Jewelry and cosmetic organizers
  • Home storage
  • Serveware
  • Clarus – Unbreakable drinkware
  • Other Products – Home, office, kitchen, and more!

The products we offer are so versatile that you can find multiple uses around your home or office or as a great gift. Organizing your life is made so simple with our great looking acrylic organizers. Fill each room of your home from your bathroom to kitchen to kids’ rooms with our acrylic organizers. Jewelry organizers and makeup organizers can be used for so many more uses and to organize any trinkets or small items that can pile up in a drawer. Whether it be necklaces, phones, or office supplies, we have got you covered!

Storage, Serveware, Drinkware, & More!

Besides acrylic jewelry organizers and makeup organizers, we offer essential items to get your everyday life organized. Our designs are tailored to your needs in size, quality, and function. Organize those tangled power cords with our clear acrylic desktop organizer that holds phones, tablets, notebooks and more. Great for kids’ rooms, offices, or even the garage! Our multi-functional products can store just about anything in any room of your home.

Clarus – Unbreakable Drinkware

We have custom crafted U.S. made Tritan copolyster drinkware that is virtually unbreakable. We have tested our products through 500 dishwasher cycles and they are BPA free. Clarus is synonymous with quality in drinkware. Great durability and safety for your family. Get the look of a beautiful glass set without the worry.

Other Products

There are so many great options using our high quality materials. We offer excellent products for your home or office that can be used for a number of options with a little creativity. Our acrylic is superior to the imitators out there that can have cracked and broken sets over a short period of time. Our products are made to last. Our acrylic valet trays offer multiple compartments and uses as well as business card holders, recipe boxes, and canisters.